Who we are

We are James Lindsay and Rob Shiels, a songwriting, co-writing and production duo based in Ireland and operating internationally. We specialise in writing commercial toplines & lyrics and produce across a wide range of genres.

What we do
Commercial Songwriting

Are you a recording artist looking for songs? Are you a marketing company looking for tracks to sync to an ad campaign? We write to briefs and can deliver the work you need.

Pop Co-Writing

Are you an artist looking to co-write your next big hit? We want to sit in a room with you and write the song that will take your career to the next level.

Arrangement and Production

Working on an EP or album? No matter what genre of pop you work in, we can deliver top professional arrangements and productions.

The three lads from the Blurred Lines video
4 Songwriting Personas to Avoid
(Unless You Want To Sound Like An Arsehole)

It’s fun to write a song from the perspective of an unpleasant character.  Pop music has enough love songs, so it can be refreshing to write something from an alternative angle.  However, if you want a career as a pro songwriter, be aware that prospective artists are unlikely to want songs that portray them in a negative light.  Artists want…

Ed Sheeran and Elvis, together at last
The History of the Tonight Trick in Popular Music

Elvis used it, Ed Sheeran uses it.  In this month's songwriting article, we take a look at one of the most enduring (and embarrassing) clichés of popular music: putting ‘tonight’ at the end of a chorus.  We've also compiled some Spotify playlists for reference below the article.   Is your heart filled with pain, Shall I come back again? Tell…

We’re one of Feedspot’s Top 75 Songwriting Blogs

We are delighted to be included as one of the Top 75 Songwriting Blogs over on Feedspot! Big thanks to our readers and the crew at Feedspot.  It's nice to know our work is being appreciated, and that people are finding our songwriting posts useful!  Check out the full ranking here: https://blog.feedspot.com/songwriting_blogs/ [caption id="attachment_627" align="aligncenter" width="546"] Award from Feedspot - Top…

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