Update: She did it!  The album is 103% funded!  Congratulations to Rebecca, and big thanks to everyone who pitched in!

Eighteen thousand and eighty (18,080) US dollars!  To date, our Canadian friend Rebecca Binnendyk has gotten a huge amount of support from fans & friends to fund her new album. The project means a lot to Twin Monarch, because we were involved in cowriting over half the tracks with Rebecca.

We’ll post a longer piece about our involvement another time, but the important thing now is to get the album 100% funded.  The nature of crowdfunding is that if you don’t hit your target, you get nothing. Zip, zilch, nada. Rebecca is 90% of the way there, and needs your help! If you can, please fund the project, and avail of one of the many reward tiers she has on offer.

One more thing:  There’s less than 3 days to go, so do it now!


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